Environmental Claims and Toxic Torts

Environmental Claims and Toxic Torts

A Team to Tackle Complex Litigation Matters

Toxic tort events can ruin a company’s operations, brand, and financial bottom line. Litigation associated with asbestos, lead-based paint, pesticides, mold, toxic landfill waste, and industrial chemicals such as PCBs, have tarnished corporate reputations and left many companies with dim hope of financial recovery.

McCormick Barstow’s Environmental Claims & Toxic Torts practice is well-suited to represent a broad spectrum of companies, including:

  • Farmers and ranchers
  • Pest Control Advisors (PCAs)
  • Applicators
  • Manufacturers
  • Suppliers
  • Building owners

Our attorneys represent a variety of industries and clients, but the most prevalent continue to be:

  • Builders; asbestos and mold damages and reparations
  • Agricultural; sprays, pesticides and fertilizers

Whether seeking national trial counsel, a local defense team, or assistance with administrative or appellate remedies, McCormick Barstow’s experienced attorneys are able to provide each client with tailored representation.

For Attorneys and Referrers

The outcome of toxic tort cases hinges upon science and reasoned application of the law to the facts of each particular case. Combining our courtroom competency with the scientific and technical expertise of renowned experts, we have defended a wide variety of claims.

We’ll help with your claims and issues involving anything that was, or was allegedly—

  • discharged, leaked, spilled, or mishandled
  • inhaled, ingested, or otherwise absorbed
  • a contamination of the air, ground, or water
  • a pathogen to which someone was exposed
  • any other chemical or environmental cause of damage or disease

For toxic tort claims, our lawyers understand what clients face and are present every step of the way to provide sophisticated and effective legal solutions.

Environmental Claims and Toxic Torts Lawyers

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