Construction law involves any legal issue related to the construction of a building or other structure. Issues related to construction activities can arise under federal, state, or local laws. Federal statutes, such as workplace safety regulations and employment laws, can impose requirements on worksites and hiring practices. States may impose additional regulations on top of federal ones, which can range from safety and employment to environmental rules. City and county ordinances may impose additional restrictions on zoning and construction noise.

Setting a Strong Foundation

These complexities make early and thorough review of legal documents, including contracts and applications, essential.

With all levels of government playing a role in construction regulation, issues can arise in a number of ways. Common construction-related legal disputes include workplace injuries and accidents, construction defects, contract issues, and problems with obtaining the proper planning or building permits.

Financial issues are among the most common that can arise during a construction project. Construction companies and contractors have a variety of legal options, ranging from suing for breach of contract to placing a lien on the finished work. Many contractors seek legal help immediately upon notice of a brewing financial dispute in order to protect all of their legal rights.

Typical issues construction companies face include—

It’s critical for construction lawyers to help carefully draft and review the contracts into which clients enter.

Whether clients need a standard approval of building plans or a use variance, construction lawyers help clients approach the right government agencies.

When people are hurt on the job, construction owners may have to defend themselves from lawsuits and resolve torts outside of court.

Our attorneys help clients resolve disputes about the ownership of a property, liens, or other questions. Zoning questions, nuisances, and compliance issues are handled by construction law attorneys

Attorneys who represent construction companies help clients manage construction contracts and to implement planning steps to avoid disputes.

Construction attorneys help employers and contractors ensure that they comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration requirements.

Construction lawyers are skilled litigators. When a case goes to trial, construction attorneys must know the applicable rules of civil procedure and the rules of evidence.

Owners must know how to hire people legally and how to follow state and federal laws when it comes to paying employees fairly, withholding taxes, and other considerations.

Owners face increasing pressure from environmental regulation, including CEQA, which required significant procedural documentation and, sometimes, litigation.

Construction Lawyers

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