Local Government

Local Government

Local officials act as stewards of the public’s trust and resources, while at the same time running substantial organizations.  Governments are faced with the same operational and employment risks as private sector businesses, while also being obligated to abide by the complex state and federal rules for public officials, public services, and public employees.

Local Governments Face Constant Challenges

The attorneys at McCormick Barstow work closely with administrators, officials, and attorneys employed by local governments to resolve complex legal challenges.  Whether the issue involves compliance with multifaceted state and federal regulation, public employee claims, or claims for injury or property damage from government operations, we can assist you. With decades of experience in this area of law, we have the knowledge to develop a strategic approach designed to help counties, municipalities, school districts, specialty districts, their employees, or elected officials resolve their concerns.

Typical issues facing local government include —

  • Providing practical advice on complex statutory and regulatory areas to ensure compliance with federal and state law.
  • Addressing issues regarding land use or zoning concerns, as well as environmental issues connected to new developments.
  • Offering opinions regarding the application of state laws to proposed or existing ordinances.
  • Defending against personal injury and property damage claims
  • Defending against employee claims for wrongful termination, discrimination, or wage and hour issues
  • Participating in public hearings or litigation resulting from the representation.
  • Advising on agreements for major transactions, such as the purchase or sale of property or facilities.
  • Crafting and reviewing intergovernmental agreements and various contracts for professional services.

Whether you need assistance defending against personal injury or employment claims, adapting to potential rule changes, or taking action to protect your community from potential harm, we will work with you at each step to craft a strategy consistent with the trust placed in you by the public.

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