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Mr. Reddie has been with McCormick Barstow since he graduated from law school in 1994 and practices in the Appellate Litigation Practice Group and Title Insurance Practice Group of the firm. Mr. Reddie is certified by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization as an Appellate Law Specialist and is the only practicing attorney in the San Joaquin Valley to have been elected into the California Academy of Appellate Lawyers.

Scott Reddie - Fresno Law Firm

Mr. Reddie specializes in handling appeals and writs in State and Federal Court, including bankruptcy appeals. He represents clients as appellate counsel in litigation matters in the following ways:  drafting critical motions, trial briefs, motions in limine, special jury instructions and special verdict forms; conducting legal research “on the fly” during trial; consulting with trial counsel regarding how best to preserve claims of error and avoid waiver issues; consulting with trial counsel concerning post-trial motions and the proper form of judgment, including drafting those pleadings; and advising the client and trial counsel regarding temporary stays of enforcement, and procedures for bonding an adverse judgment.

Mr. Reddie has handled numerous appellate oral arguments in both the State and Federal Courts of Appeal, including the first ever en banc oral argument at the Ninth Circuit Bankruptcy Appellate Panel. Although the statewide average reversal rate on appeal is under 20%, representing Appellants in state courts of appeal, Mr. Reddie’s reversal rate is 64% and representing Appellants at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Mr. Reddie’s reversal rate is 83% (as of 10/1/19).

As a Respondent in state court, Mr. Reddie’s affirmance rate is 92%, and as an Appellee at the Ninth Circuit, Mr. Reddie’s affirmance rate is 92% (as of 10/1/19).

Mr. Reddie is also a member of the firm’s Title Insurance Practice Group, and has experience handling title insurance litigation and appellate matters.  For example, Mr. Reddie was lead appellate counsel in the reversal of a $26+ million judgment against Fidelity National Title Insurance Company.  Mr. Reddie is also on the Fidelity National Title Insurance Company panel for title insurance defense work.

Mr. Reddie is admitted to practice law before the United States Supreme Court, all California State Courts, the United States District Courts for the Eastern, Central, Northern and Southern District of California, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal.

Juris Doctor, 1994 
Pepperdine University School of Law

Bachelor of Arts, Economics, 1991 
University of California, Los Angeles

Concentrating in State and Federal Writs and Appeals and Appellate Litigation (Appellate Law Specialist – Certified by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization. Chair of the Firm’s Appellate Litigation Group. Also concentrating in title insurance defense work.

Mr. Reddie is a member of the State Bar of California, the California Academy of Appellate Lawyers, and the Appellate Law Section of the Fresno County Bar Association.

Mr. Reddie is a prior member of the Advisory Committee on Appellate Courts for the California Lawyers Association Litigation Section (2015-2019) and the Federal Litigation Section’s Appellate Committee of the Federal Bar Association.

Reported Cases


Colucci v. T-Mobile USA, Inc. (2020) 48 Cal.App.5th 442.

Atwell Island Water District v. Atwell Island Water District (2020) 45 Cal.App.5th 624

Hensel Phelps Construction Co. v. Superior Court (2020) 44 Cal.App.5th 595

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Hansen v. Sandridge Partners, L.P. (2018) 22 Cal.App.5th 1020.

Palacio v. Jan & Gail’s Care Homes, Inc. (2015) 242 Cal.App.4th 1133

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Lecturer and Co-Author

Mr. Reddie has been an instructor at the bi-annual training seminars for the California Conference of Arson Investigators in January 1998, January 2001 and July 2002. Mr. Reddie was also an instructor for the International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI) expert witness training class in July 2004.

Mr. Reddie gave a lecture in November 2009 to the Tulare County Bar Association entitled “Trials and Tribulations: Protection of the Record on Appeal.”

Publications and Lectures

The Disentitlement Doctrine: A Trap for Unwary Judgment Debtors in Civil Appeals, 28 California Litigation 16 (2015).

Section 546(a) of the Bankruptcy Code: A Plea for Predictability, 4 J. Bankr. Law and Prac. 3 (1994).

Home Mortgage Strip Down in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – A Contextual Approach to Sections 1322(b)(2) and (b)(5), 20 Pepp. Law Rev. 425 (1993).

Honors and Awards

Mr. Reddie was selected for inclusion in the Northern California Super Lawyers list (2015-2021) for his primary area of practice in Appellate Law.

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